The McGarry House was built in 1896 and served as both home and medical office for Dr. James McGarry and family. As one of the first medical practitioners in Niagara Falls, the McGarrys cared for the town for 90 years! The brick and limestone, the corner tower, rounded columns, beautifully stand out in the area.

A surgical wing was added in 1905 to the back of the house.

The house now serves as an Air B&B with over 10 rooms, 6,000 sqft, & 3 floors.

Superhost Mary

offers tours to guests to preserve the McGarry legacy. Room by room she explains what is original and shares some history about the room and its contents.


Mary serves breakfast in the dining room before guests head out to the falls. Guests meet and mingle over a meal as the McGarry’s did for so many years.

McGarry family Christmas Dinner

If you are looking for a unique place to stay in Niagara, check out the McGarry House known as The Victoria Castle on Air B&B.

The McGarry House

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