Due to its conformation and exposure to the Atlantic storms, Portugal is one of the best surfing countries. The backbone of the beaches of this area is probably that of Supertubos, in Peniche, whose powerful waves are famous worldwide; the beach has been named "The European Pipeline" by the same surfers.


Located on the Atlantic coast of Portugal, about 125 km from Lisbon and 250 from Porto, Nazaré has always been a quiet village, mostly populated by fishermen. In the last period, however, it has become one of the meeting places of the best surfers in the world.

The morphological characteristics of the place are indeed very particular. This thanks to the presence of a submarine canyon about 5 thousand meters deep, which allows water to accumulate energy. In this way the waves reach Praia do Norte with extraordinary power.

In the sixteenth century fort of São Miguel Arcanjo, at the end of the promontory that dominates Nazaré, the Surfer Wall of Fame was set up. Where the tables of the most important surfers who have come here to tame the waves are kept as relics.

Costa Nova do Prado

Costa Nova do Prado is located in the District of Aveiro (central-northern Portugal) and belongs to the municipality of Ílhavo. The town is famous for the famous "palheiros", painted houses with vertical and horizontal stripes, white and blue, white and red, white and green, etc.

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    I surfed Peniche back in the 70s, awesome coastline and the Portuguese people are wonderful. I really liked your story here!