On the third day of #MatExpAdvent #MatExp gave to me ..... An opportunity!

14 #MatExpAdvent -ures

One of the things I love about #MatExp is its totally fluid unpredictable nature. Although the core aim of improving maternity experience & building relationships remain the same you can never tell what will happen next!

On 3rd Dec I was presenting at the national Heads of Midwifery meeting & due to a mix up I found myself there 2 hrs early, a bit frustrating!

But a massive silver lining when I met @nicolettepeel, an opportunity not to be missed...

A lengthy coffee & chat

A chance for myself & @DunsdonSarah to learn all about Mummy's star

They are doing an amazing job bridging a gap in care between cancer services & maternity

A brain storm to think how we might be able to work together on such an important issue

Really positive to be able to share ideas

Oh, and our #MatExp presentation went well afterwards too!

We shared our top 10 favourite action 💥case studies from the #MatExp #whoseshoes workshop pilots

They'll be up on the London Maternity SCN website soon along with our workshop toolkit & #MatExp film

Hopefully we inspired a few heads of midwifery to think about holding a #MatExp workshop or to apply some of our actions in their maternity units

There was even time for brief catch up with friends @SSivas_ESTH @ClearyJenny5 , @DunsdonSarah & talk of Twitter lessons essential for networking & sharing good ideas

in 2016 we were able to include some of the challenges facing pregnant women with cancer in the new material in Nobody's Patient as a result of meeting Nicolette

I've had a few other chance encounters this year . I met Milli Hill & wrote for the positive birth movement newsletter, I met Laura James & visited Bromley MSLC,

Opportunities to learn & develop from meeting new people are many & varied. There are lots of opportunities via social media to 'meet' & exchange ideas too

In 2017 we encouraged people to make new connections at Nobody’s patient wrap up event

Expo link up with the #BetterBirths maternity transformation team was a mega networking event building all sorts of connections

It immediately led to building relationships with Picker who help hospitals with the national maternity survey & running some collaborative sessions building even more new connections!

& a particularly #fabobs meet up

& birth of a new collaboration with London ambulance planning for 2018

So stretch out reach those you wouldn't normally talk to perhaps outside your comfort zone...

A chance 🌟#MatExpAdvent -ure! You never know what is around the corner 😀

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