Why Miami? We heard that question from pretty much everyone we talked to when discussing spots for our inaugural travel guide, which is how we knew we had a special chance to show a side of Miami that many people aren’t readily familiar with. Miami has an adventurous side. A creative side. Even a low-fi side that’s the complete antithesis of the chromed-out, over-the-top, Tony Montana-wielding-a-chainsaw image that much of the world still carries in its collective consciousness. So we grabbed some of our favorite warm weather gear and caught a direct flight to MIA where we set about exploring our co-founder Andy’s hometown in a mint blue, ’75 Bronco convertible. Doors? Optional. But happy hour? Mandatory. We hope you enjoy the guide, and, as always, we’ll #seeyououtthere. Andy, Zach, Jeff, and Sean

Wynwood Arts District

The Wynwood Arts District was founded in early 2003 by a group of artists who wanted to revive a neighborhood that had fallen into disrepair. The area really took off in 2009 when real estate entrepreneur Tony Goldman created the Wynwood Walls program, which encouraged street artists to paint the sides of derelict warehouses. Today’s Wynwood is a can’t-miss Miami attraction.

Our essentials for wandering Miami

Miami Beach

This beats the gym any day, and Miami Beach has one of the best stretches of sand on the planet. Hit the sand before 8am for a quick workout and dip in the ocean before the crowds arrive. The average water temp on South Beach is 82 degrees so the water's always 'just right.'

Little Havana

If you get asked on the street if you want drugs, ask for Cuban coffee — it might as well be crack. The best place to find it is going to be at the window next to Domino Park in Little Havana. A $1.50 "Colada" gets you a cup of sweet espresso that'll easily caffeinate four.


Start at Coyo, a taco joint, for incredible Beef & Bacon tacos and cold beer. Go behind the Employee's Only door in the back of the restaurant, and you'll find a hidden Tequila Bar. We've already said too much.

The Broken Shaker serves up some of the best damn cocktails in Miami.

The Vagabond

Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and the rest of the Rat Pack used to kick it here back in the 50's.

This is where our adventure ends and yours begins. We hope you enjoyed our first Field Guide, and that we showed you a different side of Miami. Perhaps more than any other city in America, Miami is like a prism — shine a light on it, and it'll refract many different colors. So follow Hunter S. Thompson's advice, and buy the ticket, take the ride, and use this guide as inspiration for your own Miami adventure. Let us know what you find, and for heaven's sake, please save some tequila for the rest of us. #seeyououtthere - Andy, Zach, Jeff, and Sean

Check out all our gear and clothing picks for the trip, and the full guide with even more places to see: https://huckberry.com/special-projects/lookbooks/miami

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