Travel Nevada Campaign Highlights

Showcasing the Variety of Road Trips in the State of Nevada

For this two-year series with Travel Nevada, we created 10 uniquely thematic road trips that a niche-focused influencer experienced. Influencers ranging from adventure, culture, couples, family, solo, culture, explored the various routes/regions throughout the state of Nevada. We then created these interactive, Google-embedded maps and itineraries from the influencers specific trips that they shared for users to plan their own great road trip to Nevada. From there, Our paid ad experts boosted and added paid media behind the content that organically performed best, providing huge added impressions, engagement and click-throughs from Nevada's exact target market.

The campaign didn't stop when the influencer's trips ended. The influencers shared over 1000 social posts (always keeping Travel Nevada top of mind), created over 40 videos (that the brand can repurpose a number of different ways) and 20 blog posts detailing their trips (with high impact visuals and detailed SEO) to ensure the posts will be found for years following the end of this campaign. This multi-leveled campaign over-delivered on reach, impressions, engagement, click-troughs, followers, and brand mentions.



Total campaign impressions
Earned media value
Total Traveler reach



  • The campaign exceed its goal by more than 161M impressions.
  • Each influencer reported positive feedback from their followers during and after the trip. The content was engaging, exciting, and the locations were well-suited for each influencer's niche.
  • Our Twitter chats saw more than 4100 tweets during the hour-long chat.
  • 'We had a great time! Nevada was full of amazing surprises, and I think my audience was very surprised too.' - @CalSnape

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