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Highlight Ireland as a Travel Destination for North American Visitors

Steller and Tourism Ireland have partnered on a series of campaigns aimed at showcasing Ireland's natural beauty, unique culture, and sustainable tourism practices. Each campaign has focused on a different aspect of Ireland, from its historic sites to its outdoor activities and even its legendary connection to Halloween. Steller's campaigns with Tourism Ireland have featured 61 influencers across four campaigns. The first campaign, "Digital Day," showcased Ireland's beauty through stunning visual storytelling by 27 top travel influencers. The subsequent "Green Button" campaign featured 10 influencers promoting sustainable travel. The third campaign showcased Ireland's varied landscapes through the experiences of 15 outdoor travel writers. The latest campaign in the fall of 2022 featured nine influencers showcasing Ireland's unique Halloween traditions and folklore. In addition to thousands of social media posts shared by the influencers, hundreds of evergreen Steller stories continue to be viewed on the Steller platform and through the Steller Player distribution tool on Bing Travel. Through Bing Travel, global audiences can search for Ireland cities such as Dublin and Belfast, and experience Ireland’s natural beauty, delicious food, and of course, the lively pub scene right along with the influencers. Overall, these campaigns have been incredibly successful, generating millions of impressions, engagements, and significant campaign value. By showcasing the beauty, culture, and sustainability of the Emerald Isle, Steller and Tourism Ireland have inspired travelers from around the world to visit and experience all that it has to offer.



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