Fairmont Hotel & Resorts


Fairmont Hotels & Resorts wanted to increase social media awareness of its unique amenities by inviting new influencers to visit and experience properties across multiple continents. In addition to selecting influencers with an affluent and highly engaged audience, we also worked to create a series of in-house content pieces to highlight the six properties.


  • Increase awareness of select Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Properties
  • Increase engagement on social media with the #FairmontMoments hashtag
  • Increase travel intent and build awareness of Fairmont's special amenities
  • Focus on influencers with dedicated blog audience and an equally passionate social audience, particularly on Instagram



Social Media Impressions
Instagram Stories


We created a campaign that focused around 6 individual Fairmont Properties, creating 48 pieces of content on influencers blogs, iExplore, Steller & for Fairmont's own blog. The influencers felt a strong loyalty to Fairmont because of their amazing experiences and have continued to share content well after campaign was over. Influencers have now turned into Ambassadors. We've worked with Fairmont on several year-long campaigns and are continuing this year with two new campaigns.

  • 48 Pieces of Content with more than 700K views
  • 50+ Instagram Photos Shared with over 100K likes and comments
  • 200+ Instagram Stories Shared mentioning brand, utilizing #FairmontMoments hashtag
  • 18M Impressions on Twitter through one-hour Twitter Chat
  • 100+ posts on Facebook tagging Fairmont Hotels
  • 89M Impressions at end of campaign date, impressions still climbing with evergreen content shares
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