Black Female Travelers + Memphis Tourism Campaign Highlights

Through an immersive video-heavy campaign, we targeted Black female travelers to visit Memphis, Tennessee.

Through the eyes & lens of three of the most influential Black female travelers, Memphis Tourism was able to connect with a niche audience. With video, photo and written storytelling, each influencers' audience was able to see Memphis in an unique way, and through different platforms, so that Memphis was always top of mind. Strategically, we organized each trip during each month of the summer (one in June, one in July, and one in August) so that any cross-over audiences would see the Memphis messaging through multiple influencers they follow. Additionally, Steller shared the videos with their influencer community, tapping into an additional 165K viewers.

The goal: To connect with Black and African American travelers to inspire, inform and encourage travel to Memphis.

Additional Goals: Content Memphis Tourism could repurpose on their website and social channels. Video content they could share.

Kevin Kane, Memphis Tourism president and CEO, said 'In the first few months of the year, we are very encouraged by the growth in visitation that we are already seeing in 2019, up 7 percent over 2018.'


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  • 33.3M Social Media Impressions
  • 18K Blog Pageviews
  • 334 Total Social Media Posts Mentioning Memphis Tourism
  • 3 Full Videos for Memphis to Repurpose and Reshare

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