A retreat into the shadows, and an aesthetic and thematic nod to film noir.

Unlike New York and the internet, Paris sleeps. And because I’m often jet-lagged and up all night when I’m there, I get to experience the city when it’s dark and quiet. I appreciate the silence and shadows, and those late nights are a cherished respite. A respite from staged shots of breakfasts, shoes and homes. From polished online personas. From being connected to everyone, yet feeling disconnected. From fearing that we are no more than the sum of our clicks and likes. From technology.

I’m exploring themes of social malaise and fragmented identity to pose a bigger question: What happens when we step out of the spotlight and into the shadows?

What happens when we unplug?

Paris at night – with its quiet, intimate streets and dramatic light – is my favorite place to disconnect and think. There is a wonderful weight to the stillness of the city at rest. It sharpens my senses and clears my head. The silence is intoxicating.

I love the mystery invoked by dark shadows, high contrast lighting and solitary figures.




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