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You're here! Now you can start sharing beautiful, visual stories with your photos & videos.

Share stories about your life, your friends, your travels.

Use our thoughtfully-designed themes, found nowhere else.

And just have fun!

Feeling adventurous? Go take a look around. Pop in & out of stories to discover hidden travel gems,

yummy recipes,

interesting animals,

celebrity photo shoots,

& more.

Happy Storytelling!

Photo + Video Credit Page 1: @katia_mi Page 2: @Andy_Best Page 3: @jewelszee Page 5: @Es_Dons Page 6: @PhotoJBartlett Page 7: @katienewman Page 8: @AWF_Official Page 9: @psny Page 10: @MeaganCignoli Page 12: @marissarocke

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  • Australia

    My new favorite app. Please check out my Stella story

  • nathaliehl

    Love this app 🙌

  • Cindymay

    It's my favorite app right now ! 🎈

  • pensive_foodie

    Can you embed a story of your own into a personal website or do you recommend just hyper linking a screen grab @Steller ? Thank you!!!!

  • Steller

    @pensive_foodie yes you can! If you send an email to support@Mombo.com we can get you setup!

  • pensive_foodie

    Great. Thanks so very much @Steller

  • Steller

    @pensive_foodie our pleasure! Let us know if you need anything else!

  • MarieLynn

    How do you make the hashtags and web addresses you put in your stories into clickable hyperlinks?

  • Steller

    Hi @MarieLynn - any web address will hyperlink after you publish your story. Hashtags will also link after you publish. Hope that helps!

  • orangegirl

    Can you recommend the best size to make photographs before uploading them to Steller? Is there a px size that looks sharp and loads quickly?

  • eclairefrancine

    Love this app. It is a breeding ground voor creative talent. Super!

  • eclairefrancine

    Is is possible to include music in the stories? If so, how?

  • paloma

    I love this app, I am so happy that I am able to share stories as well as see them. Thanks @Steller

  • kevens

    @Steller This is the best story telling app, so glad to be a part of Steller . Do check out my stories .

  • oui

    Steller e' il top!

  • aconica

    @jaywilder these numbers made me so happy. Yep, it's the little things. 😊

  • Steller

    Hi @eclairefrancine you can add music to videos using apps like iMovie outside of the app before importing.

  • lilacreative

    I love using this app! @lilacreative

  • eleprocon

    And I'm here now because of @lilacreative!

  • clashist

    @steller - do you have to size the images exactly 640 x 960? mine look low res but they are super high res...

  • Susanne7

    Yes I want to now how I make hashtags and web addresses in my story...but now I can see you have answers that question! I hope that's going to be able to do 😃 I missed it the last time! 😳

  • TWD

    @steller - is there any way to add continuous ambient music that can be playing the whole time someone has your story open...if not, could you work on it?

  • laurenva

    @steller - can i change my text to any colors other than white and black?

  • keeks

    Now I know how to put a text on pics.

  • mindcontent

    How do I add a hashtag to my story?

  • Romanes_Rugby

    can I add an image with a hyperlink? Like FB and TW icons directly linked to my pages?

  • kellimckenzie

    How do I delete a story I didn't want to publish?

  • Romy007

    Freunde 🐾

  • scrumpyjackson

    How did I not know about this app! It's amazing!

  • aksararaksasa

    Nice. Please read mine 😊😊

  • beutami

    Do you have limits on the number of the page @Steller? My draft has reached 36 and then something weird happened.. it did say that my draft was saved, but it wasn't.

  • vinnychirayil

    @Steller how do i change text color and font size in the android app. that option seems to be missing. how do i add background music for a story. i saw it on a steller story from browser but audio playback was missing when i saw the same in your app.

  • NinoBauman

    I just joined and can't figure out how do I add hashtags to my stories?

  • DVPhotography

    @NinoBauman did you ever figure it out ?

  • bisan

    How can I make my steller

  • karma_oviquio

    UseUse them in your descriptions on your page and as a stand alone page them in your descriptions on your page and as a stand alone page

  • kairos_medical

    how can I modify my steller?


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