Staring at a Wall


Sometimes in life you get stuck staring at a wall.

But if you turn around you'll see new horizons!

Yes, it can be a little scary.

And sometimes you'll fall on your face.

And sometimes just when you make it out you'll find yourself staring at that wall again.

But if you keep looking around you might find something interesting.

Just keep trying. I'll keep cheering you on.

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  • BakersRoyale

    @karen so so so precious! My fav in your feed.

  • tifforelie

    Ahhhhhh!!!! This is the most adorable thing ever!!!!!! 😄😄😄

  • rosevanilla

    So cute!

  • lisaporter

    A wonderful example of why today's technology is so important. When I was a new mom I spent countless hours on the floor at home alone with my children ~ playing & watching & hoping that I would remember every detail. There are so many moments between the moments in life. Wonderful that you take time to capture them. Even more wonderful that you share them. They bring back happy memories. Thank you for this ~ he is darling. LP

  • c_desroches

    I love this so much!! So so sweet!

  • josypete

    This was so adorable!! He is adorable... And you're so wicked creative. Well done, you😎👊

  • elisapella

    This is ADORABLE ❤️❤️❤️

  • ElizabethKelly

    Such a sweet smile! I love to hear kids laugh!^^

  • SSW

    I love how you took a "bad moment" - being stuck in life - and not only used a child to illustrate, but gave hope with your words. Bravo.


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