Life at the Bottom

National Geographic Exploring Antarctica's Unexplored


The Faction

Keith Ladzinski :: Mike Libecki :: Freddie Wilkinson :: Cory Richards

A cold welcome awaited us at Novo, the Russian base. An even colder welcoming was in store in the weeks ahead.


Day 1 in the Wolthat. Shelter is top priority in an unpredictable location. It took 12 hours to build and fortify camp, and nature 3 days to bend it apart and tear it down.

Built straight and bent in 3 days, Antarctica is savage.

Antarctica is hard on everything

Tents, Teeth and Forks

Finding the perfect climb isn't easy. Reality kicked in even harder setting out on a 60+ mile circumnavigation via ski's and crampons around the unexplored Wolthat Mountain Range.

We make katabatic kite skiing look easy.

A little life

In 45 days our only company aside from the team was Snow Petrols, nesting and fighting at Mach speeds.

100 MPH winds are a deafening and harsh reality in Antarctica. We spent 4 days weathering a full katabatic storm before returning to the wall.

Small comforts on slim rations, warmly welcomed after a full day.

Life on the wall. Freddie Wilkinson and Mike Libecki begin the long process of a first ascent.

First ascent of "Bertha's Tower" 2300 vertical feet in 13 difficult days.

The full length feature film from the journey coming in 2014. See our National Geographic short film here - https://vimeo.com/73562547

Filmed by: Keith Ladzinski Cory Richards Video Edited by: Andy Mann

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