I’ve been falling behind on these #weekendwalks stories, yet as we slide into winter, and the days aren’t so much creeping as racing shorter, and as our evening walks are long gone, it feels as if these weekend walks are even more precious. So I have a few stories to share from our favourite place to walk: John Muir Country Park.

If there’s one feature that links this story and the following one, it’s the low light. And on Saturday, we’d had a day of rain so it was already gloomy. We drove down the coast, hoping for a break in the weather, and sure enough, when we reached John Muir, the skies had cleared, although the woodland was damp, tree bark blackened by the rain; the ferns sodden, these once-lush and vibrant green fronds now rusty and coppery.


just peace and birdsong.

Standing here, we heard the sound of birds coming from the woods behind. Many, many birds in flight. We watched as they flew overhead, migratory birds on a journey of who-knows-how-long to who-knows-where. They flew out over the bay, in formation, and as they faded into the distance I wished that I’d captured this moment on video. And then, seconds later, a second wave of birds appeared high above.

sound on!

where were they going, I wonder...

There’s something about walking here after the rain. We were here again the following day, but it was too gloomy for photos, and the air felt heavy. But on Saturday, the air was cool and clean.

the end.

Saturday 2 November John Muir Country Park East Lothian

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