One of the best sceneries I’ve ever seen.

On our way to Zermatt

Das ist unser Hotel

Our room for three days

Zermatt is a municipality in the district of Visp in the German-speaking section of the canton of Valais in Switzerland. It has a population of about 5,800 people. In an effort to restrain pollution, that could potentially obstruct the view of the mountains, it is forbidden to use a fossil-fueled vehicle. Everything here is battery-fueled. You can smell freshness here. 100 percent.

Zermatt is most famous for this, The Matterhorn. Where you can find this picture on any Toblerone in the world. For viewing, it’s better to go in Summer, for skiing, and any snow activities, Winter is ze time.

To the highest peak at 3.000 meter above the sea level.

Into the unknown

Masya Allah

And here we are! Don’t forget to smile!

Made a little snowman up there.

Here lies the people who have been unsuccessful on climbing the Matterhorn. The local prepare small graveyards to all of them. Even for the unknown.

Bis zum nächsten Mal, Zermatt. es war großartig

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