Autumn Sailing Staycation

The Greenlandic version of a road trip ~ Oct 2019 ~

Destination: EVERYWHERE!

All the places no one ever talks about plus some of the more well-known places too beautiful to skip over.


The point is not to go to these places to do something but rather to go there to do nothing. To just be.


Important puzzle piece in the still-unsolved mystery of the disappearing shipwreck M/S Hans Hedtoft

Suíkagssuaq Mountain

A famous big wall in Tasermiut Fjord that’s been incorrectly called Ulamertorsuaq by mountaineers for ages

Ulamertorsuaq Mountain

A famous big wall in Tasermiut Fjord. The real Ulamertorsuaq.


Stunning sound separating the last of the mainland from the large islands of Cape Farewell

Tunulliarfik Fjord

Narsarsuaq vicinity


Isthmus on Sermersooq Island Inuit ruins on site


The Greenlandic Pyramids, formed by glaciers. Viking ruins also on site.


One of only 2 places in Cape Farewell with Dorset Culture ruins, 700 BC - 200 AD

Tuttutuup Isua

Extensive Inuit ruins of 400 years’ worth of habitation 1300-1700

Tasermiut Sermiat

“Devil Horns” Glacier at the bottom of Tasermiut Fjord

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