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Get up close and personal with painter Johannes Vermeer from ‘Girl with the pearl earring’ and ‘The Milkmaid’. Admire the world-famous Delft Blue porcelain. Discover the story of Willem of Orange, ancestor of the royal Dutch family. Walk the historic streets of Delft and feel like you are living in the Golden Age. Enjoy a delicious lunch and scour lovely boutiques.

Proof that there is more to the Netherlands than Amsterdam.

Delft is the birth city of Vermeer. Can you spot ‘the girl with the pearl earring’, created by an artist of our time?

In the 17th century Delft Blue was produced in the city of Delft. This earthenware was popular among rich families who would show off their collections to one another. There were 33 factories in Delft! Nowadays there’s only 1 still remaining: Royal Delft. >>>

“For an understanding of the future, look to the past.”


Lunch spot

Grin about the leaning tower (the ‘Oude Kerk’) of Pisa uhm Delft. Would you dare to buy a house opposite the tower? I wouldn’t... >>>


Our easy-living program >>>




Departure from home in the South of NL.


Arrival at the beach Kijkduin (near Delft) for a walk with the dog.

A 2 hour walk through lovely Delft.

Lunch at KEK in Delft.

Behind the big ‘new’ church (the Nieuwe Kerk) you’ll find this cute bridge and canal.

Beach Kijkduin is only 15 minutes away from Delft so you can easily combine Delft and a beach walk.

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