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Prescribed Fire Management

Everglades National Park is working toward a large scale programmatic approach to prescribed fire management

“Manage the natural and cultural resources of the National Park System to increase resilience in the face of climate change and other stressors.”

2015-2019 Wildfire Strategic Plan


By implementing prescribed fire on our terms Everglades Fire Management can prioritize critical areas to minimize the risk to private property and communities.


By using prescribed fire to manage fuel loading we can save millions of dollars a year. Rx Fire cost an average $4.50/acre Wildfire cost an average $250/acre

Managing Smoke

By managing fire on our terms we can minimizes smoke into metropolitan areas like Miami, and major transportation corridors like I-75 and US-1.

"Collaborate with other land managers and partners to create, restore, and maintain landscape-scale connectivity”

2015-2019 Wildfire Strategic Plan

The approach

Allows fire managers to treat large portions of land, across jurisdictional boundaries, while supporting the critical habitat that species rely on.


By treating over 100,000 acres a year with a landscape approach, we can better meet the needs of the ecosystem while significantly reducing cost.

“CULTIVATE excellence in science and scholarship as a foundation for park planning, policy, decision making, and education.”

2015-2019 Wildfire Strategic Plan

Science has shown that a fire in the Everglades ecosystem is as important as the water that flows through it.

Nature Role

Fire has a a rightful place within the Everglades ecosystem. By strategically placing prescribed fire in high risk areas we can allow wildfires to play their natural role.

Fire has always been a part of the Everglades ecosystem... and it always will be. It’s our choice to manage those fires on our terms or on mother natures.

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