Mid-September, and the days were mixed. Rain and sunshine, work days mostly, at my desk, and then weekend walks down the coast. And there was this glowing sunset.

We were driving home from Edinburgh, and when we reached Portobello, looking down the streets that lead from the high street to the shore, you could see the sky tinged orange in the setting sun. It was beautiful. When we reached Joppa I asked Richard to pull over so I could take a few photos here, looking west along the beach, towards the sunset, and east, where the pink-hued sky had cast this pearlescent sheen over the water.

Days with the lads.

Walking down the coast on a bright, sunny afternoon. It was a bit too bright for photos, but I felt guilty saying this as by mid-September you know that darker, shorter, gloomier days are just round the corner. We drove away as the sun was setting, passing fields where there had been wheat shifting in the breeze just a week or two before. Those subtle signs of the shifting seasons.

A rainy Sunday at North Berwick, sitting in the car with a flask of tea, waiting on a break in the weather. The rain stopped and we headed along the beach. Bracken didn’t want to walk. He knew there was more rain coming, and sure enough, as we turned to head back to the car, the rain returned. But I couldn’t resist this low light.


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