When editing photos, I’m always torn between wanting to reflect a moment as I saw it, and the desire to be more expressive, more stylised, reflecting the mood. I admire so many photographers who embrace this approach, and I’ve been itching to try something different, especially as we move into autumn and winter light.


So two weeks ago I decided to loosen things up. A few weeks before I’d shared a ‘shots of the week’ story in black and white. The initial version of the story had been in colour, but it didn’t work for me. It was sitting in my drafts folder… not working. So I re-edited the photos using b+w presets on VSCO and redid the story (you can see it here). A few months back I did the same thing with two Edinburgh stories I shared here. And those stories were the inspiration for this project: re-editing existing photos in b+w, and editing new photos too. Seeing photos differently. Playing with texture and light and shadow. Just… loosening up. Not overthinking.

I started a new Instagram account for this called @blackwhitecopper and I’ll be sharing the photos here too. I never usually share b+w. I enjoy colour too much, especially the subtle tones in nature. But I’m enjoying this.

Also, I wanted to free up my captions. I spend so much of my day with words, and then when I want to share a photo I haven’t a clue what to say. Or I start writing something and then it feels too clunky, or personal, or dull! Anyone else find this? So on @blackwhitecopper I’m sharing photos with one word (sometimes two). A word that comes to mind when I look at that image. Plus the preset. And that also feels refreshing.


b+w edit on VSCO

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