september 2 ~ 15

Once again, this #shotsoftheweek story covers two weeks, September 2 to 15. Again, the weekdays were quiet; days of being at my desk, or on my yoga mat. But on that first weekend we had a wee break at Williamstone Farm Steadings on the outskirts of North Berwick - see my story about this [gifted] stay here - and we had an amazing long walk (a different walk for us) at St Baldredโ€™s Cradle - see my story about that walk here.

driving home in the very last light.

The Byre

And then, on the second weekend, we had a coastal walk at Gullane - again, I did a story on this here so Iโ€™ve only shared a few highlights in this story. This was one of my favourite walks of the whole summer - and I know that September isnโ€™t summer, but it was still mild over this weekend, just before the season shifted into autumn.

this view, always.


East Lothian, Scotland

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