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august 19 - september 1

So the first thing to know about this #shotsoftheweek story is that it isn’t a week. It’s two weeks. Why? Well, on the first week, nothing much happened. Other than a trip into Edinburgh one afternoon, most of that week was spent at my desk, practicing yoga, and snuggling with Harris. And Richard was over in the Ireland at the weekend seeing his family, so the lads and I didn’t adventure then either.

But on the second week we got back to our routines, and our coastal walks at John Muir Country Park and North Berwick. My friend Sarah came to visit one afternoon before heading back to the States, and on another day I met up with my old friends Dave (@oddhero) and Nic and their kids Murray and Eve, and we went for a walk together before they also headed back to the States. It was a week of hellos and goodbyes.


Nic, with Harris following.

high tide. REALLY high tide.

If you’ve been following for a while then you’ll know that John Muir Country Park is one of our favourite places to walk. We went twice over this weekend. On the Saturday, rain clouds were looming, creating drama over the bay. There were dramatic clouds again on the Sunday, but with a blue sky and beautiful light shimmering on the water at low tide.

the end.

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