Over the summer months, we made a point of ending the week by driving down the coast on a Friday evening. Shaking off work, all those hours spent sitting at a desk, and, for Richard, stuck in traffic getting to and from work. Shaking off the deadlines. Breathing in the fresh air. Watching the lads run and sniff and run, in their happy place again.

Friday 13 September

And by mid-September, we knew the days were creeping shorter. Soon, these Friday evening walks would be a memory, something to look forward to; to long for in the depths of winter. When others are talking about ‘hygge’ and being cosy and snug indoors, but really you’re just longing to be outside; longing for spring.

So on this Friday, Richard got home from work a little early. I wanted to go to John Muir, which is our usual walk, but Richard wanted to go somewhere different. Let’s try Gullane, he said, but not at Gullane beach itself. So we parked at the top of Hill Road, which leads onto the golf course. The views are incredible from here, and on this night, the light was incredible too. So, so soft, with this gentle glow of orange to the west.

We followed the coastal path down to this shelly section of beach, leading to Aberlady Bay. The light was fading, glowing on the rocks, with this delicate wispy sky.

Towards the end of our walk, passed a couple who were sitting on a rock, watching the sun set. (They’re in the next photo, although you can’t tell them from the rock.) And little wonder: these are the moments we want to store as well, so that now, these few weeks later, when it’s already too dark in the evenings, we can hold onto this light for a little longer.

the end.


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