Steller is an elegant, yet simple way to share your travels, your passions and anything in your life you just want everyone to know about. You can follow like minded people, hashtag your stories, and map the locations within your stories. Underlined text represents a link, and when you see a small globe in the upper left corner there’s a map available showing the exact location.



Decide where to go. Search Steller for inspiration. Buy tickets. GO!



Publish, Post on Facebook Share on IG stories. Add to blog and email ,

Explore. Take pictures Start your Steller Story Map & hashtag.

Story shared. Travelers are inspired. Friends and family follow in your footsteps.

I need more than one image to tell you about my week in Manhattan, and I don’t want it to disappear in a week.



You can talk about your Hotel room, and add a map link or a booking link. Underlined text = LINK This is The Made Hotel in Manhattan. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

If my friends are going to Cuba I want to make sure they know to goto El Del Frente. Best food, best cocktails, and best rooftop bar. I have a collection of Stories about Cuba that make it easy for me to help people navigate their travels in Cuba.



Maybe you want to set the scene. This is the Dream Hotel Downtown. It has a great lobby, a fun maritime theme, and a glass bottom pool above the lobby. 😃🥳🤩

I knew you would want to see the pool !



David was all about the cocktails, especially the Mezcal. I can tell you exactly where he is so you don’t miss him next time you’re in The Big Apple. (Psss... He’s at MANZO)

The photograph of this cellist did not do him justice. Thank goodness we can add videos.

Sometimes you just need room to say what you want to say. There’re several layout for text only. Some are simple and others more stylized.

You can have as many pages as you like - text, Photography, and video.

You can always add text to Any page. There’s about 10 font options and about 30 colors

There are fun themes and designs to choose from. Don’t worry, the sky is not the limit. Sometimes more is not more. Steller is shooting for just right.

What’s your style ?

Hanalei Pier

Surfing from Black Pot



Share your travels. Inspire your audience. Guide fellow travelers, Tell your stories, use maps and links so people can find them. THEN - post them on IG, FB, Pinterest and Twitter. Embed them in your blogs and websites, or even just text them and e-mail them to your friends.

You can share your stories with anyone wether they have the app or not.

But if you want to be cool and share your own stories and inspire others you should go ahead and download the app. Try it, you’ll like it. 👍🏼☺️

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