Croatia and Beyond

From Piran, Slovenia's coastal resort town, we cycled along the Adriatic coast through the towns of Porec, Pula, Medulin, Rabac and Rijeka. The rides took in magnificent coastal vistas but we soon discovered that the term 'cycle' route in Croatia, more often than not, meant mountain bike trail, not really suited to touring bikes. From Rijeka we did a 1600 metre climb, which common sense told us to break down into a 2 day ride. Our last night in Croatia was in the charming town of Samobot which is 30 kms from.Zagreb.

In Croatia cycle routes went from this...

..... to THIS

After a hard day of riding we arrived in Pula where The Arena is on of the best preserved amphitheatres in the world

On the to Medulin

The ride to Rijeka - Croatia's second city - was another beautiful and challenging ride

The town square in Samobor a good place to relax and notice the change of season.

Castle ruins above Samobor.

After Croatia it was hills, hills and more hills as we made our way north through eastern Slovenia back to Austria, and Vienna.

Frescoes at the Brezice Palace. Our guide explained that the works are restored using rice paper and a solution that draws out centuries of grime

A pleasant 4 km detour on our way to the Slovenian town of Novo Mestro

Novo Mestro on the Krka River

Rogaska Slatina - the Pomona Guest House spa with saunas, steam rooms, and a Very refreshing natural pool was just what weary cyclists needed.

Pre-dinner drinks and home made sausage

And back into Austia. Some very steep climbs and even steeper descents but the scenery kept us distracted.

This was made almost entirely from horse shoes

Back to the grandeur and gardens of Vienna where winter is in the air.

Our journey is at it's end and it feels strange to be separating from our travel partners. Many thanks to Dave, Steve, Hilary, Rita and Cliff, Noel and Connie, and special commendations to The Magnificent Seven who completed the final gruelling days. Well done Trevor, Christine and John, Mary and Frank, Keith and Me!! It was a stunning trip and thanks from all of us to Keith for the opportunities to test ourselves­čśĆ

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  • bruces_mum

    Holy Smokes! Mountain bike trails

  • zetoiles

    Can't imagine a 1000m climb. Did a 230m one and that was tough enough. Fantastic Journey

  • zetoiles

    Well done to you both


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