The Art of Travel

Travel far travel often.





Walk the Malecón and enjoy a slow pace.

Try all the street food and goto all the markets.

Walk the cities endlessly.

Don’t try all the street food. Watch the people. And hold on.


I always have a soft spot in my heart for Europe. France, and Italy probably being my favorites. Europe is for walking, people watching, eating bread and drinking coffee.

I like to spend extended time periods in one place. I like to be somewhere long enough to have favorite places and to truly have a feel for a new place.

Take time to watch the lights twinkle in Paris. Did you know the lights on the Eiffel Tower change on the hour ?

I love to travel in the winter. It’s quieter, less crowded and less expensive.

is a great jumping off spot for a lot of traveling. It’s very affordable, the food is fantastic, the people are extremely kind, and it’s easy to see a lot. Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia can all be seen in one big trip. Short flights are cheap and the best way to get around South East Asia.


I’m Vietnam you’ll find people selling any and everything from their bikes.

Asian markets are some of my favorite in the world.



Nothing can prepare you for travels in India. Don’t get me wrong it’s one of the more powerful, life changing adventures you will have. I love India, it’s incredibly saturated with everything. People, colors, animals, flowers, Gods and Goddesses. Travel safely and take measures to stay healthy. Delhi Belly is never fun when traveling.

Modesty is a part of Indian culture.

This view in Varanasi probably has not changed much in decades.

It’s the herders attire that I truly love in this image.

If you know me, you know that I have a true love of Cuba. I have traveled this world near and far and for me right now there is no where I would rather be than Cuba. For U.S. travelers they are close neighbors. You won’t find kinder people, a more interesting social landscape with an opportunity to witness a glance back into history.


The streets of Havana hold so much life.

Havana is a city who’s architecture captures and brakes your heart at the same time.

Always remember to explore, and see things with a new eye. Sometimes you’ll see the most beautiful things right in your own backyard.

When I am in Kauai I try to get down to The Bay for sunset almost every night.

Early morning foggy walks are good no matter where on the world you are.

And a long adventurous hike will always feed the soul.

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