You are invited to make a positive impact on the planet with your stories!

Since 2012, tentree has planted over 30 million trees around the world through the sales of their environmental-friendly apparel company. Tentree’s mission is to revitalize and protect the environment and inspire a generation to believe that they can do the same. Their goal is to plant 1 billion trees by 2030. We at Steller want to make that happen sooner. We are excited to bring our groundbreaking partnership “Tell a Story, Plant a Tree” to a community of travelers from all over the world. Each year there are over 1.3 billion international travelers creating memories from their experiences and it is our goal that each of these stories is told through Steller and our new tentree themes.

Will you help us?

Purchase one of the exclusive tentree themes to make your story.

By purchasing the $2.99 theme, you plant one tree.

By purchasing the $29.99 theme, you plant 10 trees.

After your tree or trees are planted, you will be able to track, monitor, and learn about their health and growth, as well as the social and environmental impact your tree (or trees) makes!

Hashtag your story with #tentree and #tellastoryplantatree wherever you share on social to help spread the word and make a positive impact on the planet.

Ready? Let's grow! Share your story and hashtag #tellastoryplantatree and also tag us @stellerstories

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  • coppernotes

    This is amazing! 😲🙌🏻

  • petebryant

    This is our moment Stellerverse! Let’s make a positive impact on our climate through storytelling !!!

  • richardbangs

    Awesome x 10!


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