From the Mountaims to the Sea


This journey has taken us through river valleys, over mountain passes and eventually to the Adriatic coast. We followed the Mur River, then the Drava and Soca River to Lake Bled and then did a days ride to exquisite Lake Bohinji. We took a well earned 4 day rest in Ljubljana before riding on to see the spectacular caves at Postonja and Divaka and now after many hills and dales, we are in Piran on the Adreiatic coast.

Town of Krnica on the Radnovna River

The Russia Chapel

On the road to Vrisc Pass, the highest pass in Slovenia. This Orthodox Chapel was built to commemorate the hundreds of Russian POWs who died during the construction of the road built to provide an uninterrupted supply line to troops on the front in 1915.

On the way to the top of the Vrisc Pass

The Soca River between Trenta and Bovec

Classic Lake Bled

Vintgar Gorge near Lake Bled

On the road between Lake Bled and Lake Bohinji

Lake Bohinji


Postonja Caves - 25 km in length with 5 km open to.the public. A train runs for 2 kms into the depths.

Photography was not permitted in the Divaka cave system. This is the exit

We left Divaka and headed to the coastal town of Piran a beautiful port city on Slovenia's small coastline. The ride included some lovely downhill sections, some rail trail and tunnels.. We stopped in the Italian port city, Trieste, for lunch which was lucky as we need sustenance for the ride to Piran, there were more hills waiting for us.🚵‍♀️

Trieste, a maze of streets to.get lost in

Riding in Slovenia along the Adriatic coast

Early evening in Piran

From here we head to Istria, Croatia, famed for it's white wines. It will be hard to beat the wines we have savored so far!

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  • tiger777

    wow, how wonderful xx

  • Shiraz19

    Wow, looks amazing. Fab photos you two. Just got back from Taj for sunrise. The streets are paved, wtf?

  • bruces_mum

    Beautiful scenery, Lovely mountain villages but those hills!!!


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