One Fine Morning

Terschelling is one of that perfect place to have a quiet weekend getaway. It is an island in the northern Netherlands, one of the West Frisian Islands in Wadden sea, that can offer a peaceful holiday, specially if you love biking.

So, we just left the city and hopped on the ferry

Rent a bike in local rental shop and explore the island, slowly

Any direction will do. It's an island anyway. We just bike and then it feels like we're in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nature and whispers of the wind. We bike...

While villages are still covered by mists and the sun is still trying hard to creep in

Through the fog, Brandaris looks like a sleeping old giant. It is the oldest lighthouse in the Netherlands. He is standing tall and proud in the middle of West-Terschellingen village.

Terschelling offers diverse scenes of landscapes in different villages.

And of course there is sand dune area with its abundantly sephia-colours-wild grass

Along the way, swamps and salt marshes scattered in between dune valleys

Terschelling has more than 70 km bicycle paths that connect the villages

These tracks lead to many surprising spots

And not to forget, the beach

The sandy beach is one of the main attractions in Terschelling

After early hour biking, there are at least six villages in Terschelling that provide cozy cafes to rest and to enjoy delicious breakfast

Or find a nice cafe along the harbor before looking around the fisherman's boat

So quiet even the seagulls don't want to make a noise.

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