National museum Qatar

Close to the financial center of Doha, opposite the old fish harbour with its worn out sandblasted timber deck and along the main road always filled up with traffic, there is this haven of mindfulness. When in Doha for business, most pass by this museum at least twice a day unaware that it takes just one turn and another 1 minute walk to get inside. Free of charge for locals and at the price of an ice-cream for foreigners, this place feels like an oasis. If I was a resident, I would probably stop once a week to walk through and do some work which I otherwise would do at home.

The staff, both men and women, are different to elsewhere in Qatar. They all enjoyed interacting. All smiled and tried to talk to us for longer. All were like proud and seemed more like stuarts instead of guards.

$434M was invested into this 52.000m2 museum, shaped in the form of a dessert rose. The building is out of this world. There are so many architectural marvels that the young tradition of its people displayed inside, appears rather humble.

The most unbelievable wooden cladding ever. Never been in a more beautiful souvenir store.

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The museum took 10 years to build and opened its doors just 2 months ago, June 2019

Much attention went to iconic French architect Jean Nouvel, less to ASTAD, the builders.

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