I get so excited when the markets are filled with Summer fruit, and apart from enjoying them as they are, it’s also lovely to cook with them. I have used both apricots and peaches over the last month to make Tarte Tatin. The recipe doesn’t change except for the fruit and obviously the method is also the same.

Thyme is a wonderfully fragrant herb, and although I usually love using it when I roast lamb, (or any meat really) the combination of thyme with peaches or apricots creates a wonderful marriage of flavours and I highly suggest you don’t eliminate it. Use it only if it is fresh. I don’t like to use dry herbs much, especially when baking. Use whatever peaches you can find. In this Tarte Tatin, I used a combination of yellow peaches and donut peaches. (Saturnia or Pesca Tabacchiera in Italian). Donut peaches have a white flesh, and a beautiful perfumed, delicate, sweet flavour. I also keep the skin on.

PEACH TARTE TATIN Ingredients 6 – 8 peaches 75g unsalted butter 165g caster sugar 4 tablespoons water Store bought puff pastry 5 fresh thyme sprigs

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