“Would you like to come to my Wedding in Alabama?”

This isn’t something normal... a wedding on a ranch in Alabama! I met Devan 4 years ago on a Steller meet and instantly hit it off. Photography, comedic rap music and a love of travel made us instant friends. 4 years later he married the incredible Kristen (now Trammel) and I got to be there for it. That’s nuts! Never did I think I’d be sat on a ranch in the middle of Alabama having southern food listening to Devan speak to a crowd of people about how much he loves his wife.

This wedding was like no other I’d ever attending, and there won’t be another wedding like it! They got married on the family ranch surrounded by fields, animals and little lakes.

Silence dropped as Kristen walked down the isle. Oh yeah, it was 36/96 degrees so it was hot, but nobody noticed!

After all the photos got done (btw, I wasn’t the photographer) we then had dinner and did the speeches. I had to put my glasses on at one point because I so didn’t get teary eyed...


As the sun went down the music got louder, the drinks started flowing and the suits turned casual!

Devan & Kristen, this was special and I won’t forget this weekend!

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  • Maxfloyd

    Congratulations ! Very romantic ! Hey Jordan I’m very confused I’m from Algeria I can’t buy other layers for telling stories how I can do ?

  • brajohn1

    Hi Jordan -Did you know I’m from Alabama?

  • jordanfoy

    @brajohn1 Hey brandy! I didn’t! Which part are you from? I couldn’t get used to the heat!!!

  • simone_wit

    Missed this lovely super sweet and great story!


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