Forest of Rocks

When we entered the city of Kalambaka, from far, we saw these giant rocks standing behind, we knew we arrived in Meteora, the magnificent volumes of the rock forest just in front of Mount Koziakas in the edge of Thessaly region.

There are certainly millions of millions people had visited and taking pictures in this place. But seeing it and being there are completely different experience.

It was those moment when you feel that human is just dust in the universe

The rocks is sculpted and shaped by nature, towering the surrounding flatland like giant guardians. It is majestically impressive.

Under the summer heat that reaches its summit, we almost couldn't believe that once there was a group of people came and build monasteries in between and on top of these rocks.

We can still see ancient nests of ascetics and hermits in the fissures of rock.

It is daunting and captivating site.

Seeing these cliffs, you understand why people sought spiritual fulfillment and salvation by isolating and estranged themselves from the rest of the world, here.

God bless the Greek and their monks.

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