Hotel d’Hane Steenhuyse

On the run for Napoleon suddenly back in power from Elba, Louis XVIII from France, stayed in exile in this

Louis XVIII was a notorious eater. People gathered at the windows of the house to see him dining. The number of steaks and pastries and bottles of wine he consumed, were the talk of the day.. Louis “Dixhuite”, French for 18, was changed to local Louis Die Zwiet “Sweating Louis” In France, Louis XVIII nickname was Louis Tartuffe. 😊

Louis XVIII During the 100 Days War, the French government moved to Ghent, Belgium

Mixed widths chevron floor

Louis XVIII suffered overweight. The house, proud to show off with a guest of that calliber, organised a carriage to move him around in the house. People did feel sympathy. Each supper could be his last one. Not just for his heart but also for Napoleon.

Mom, is this a vase like yours?

Stained planks

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