The Martello Tower


The Martellos were the projects supported by those members of parliament who doubted the Duke of Wellington and the ability of the British to wage a land war against the French.

This Martello (tower CC) is essentially four towers joined together and dominates a narrow spit of land just a short walk along the coast between the sea and the river Alde. Two Martellos used to flank the Deben estuary but the tower on the north bank has been destroyed; the south bank tower remains in fantastic condition however and has been converted into a house.

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  • coppernotes

    What incredible light Adam! And the patina of the brickwork just glowing in the sun... 🙌🏻

  • amjbarnesy

    Thanks you Fiona! @coppernotes it was an amazing evening! Been so so busy I’ve not done many stories this year, but trying to get some time to spend on them now! Hope you have had a wonderful summer! And all the very best! 👍👍

  • izadore

    Very beautiful! Love the pictures ❤️


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