Seven Weeks Ahead of Us

Cycling Austria Slovenia and Croatia

August 22, a kick off dinner for 8 of the 12 cyclists doing the Tour de Slovinia. The ride started in Vienna and will pass through Austria, Slovenia and Croatia with the odd border crossing into Italy. The first week was fairly standard European cycling, a big hill on the second day broke the legs in with an 815 mtr climb over 15 km. It was much hotter than we'd anticipated and the humidity was energy sapping. A cold beer was very welcome at the end of each day.

Ptuj - lovely town 28 km before Maribor

On the Drava in Maribor - the world's oldest grape vine is on the building across the river

The beauty and challenges increased after Maribor with some long days and hard climbs. The weather was hot for our 66 km, 1096 mtr ascent on the ride from Marbor to Dravograd but for the 88 km, 809 mtr ascent to Klagenfurt rain came down. We arrived at The All You Need Hotel wet and bedraggled but the ride along the jade green Drava River was more than enough compensation.

The following photos were taken on the ride from Villach to Kranjska Gora, a steady uphill with many jaw dropping moments. As we got closer to the Julian Alps the scenery got better and better.

Noel and Keith at the ski jump - training for summer competitions was underway.

Tomorrow we cross the highest pass in Slovenia, the Vrsic Pass, and head to Bovec and the famed Lake Bled. That's for next time. I feel as if time has no definition, days bleed into one another as we peddle over hills, through valleys and down rivers.

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  • 1pepeslove

    Gosh. Its incredibly beautiful in that European way So many "Ascents" Im hoping there were some refreshing descents to go with them...

  • tiger777

    wow, amazing! great scenery and epic peddling, bravo, bravo! xx

  • bruces_mum

    Such beautiful scenery. Epic peddling!! Thank you for sharing!!

  • aussie01

    Spectacular! Loving e-cycling with you both on this amazingly stunning ride.


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