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Week 31 was mostly about beaches, which sounds pretty idyllic I realise, but what I mean is: week 31 was mostly about sitting at my desk, only I don’t take any photos reflecting those long hours, but thankfully we also had a few atmospheric beach walks.


We went for a walk at Yellowcraig with my friend Lisa and her pup Nina. The light was incredible - so misty over the water, but then the sun started to glow through the clouds. This peace was just what was needed that day.

I sat at my desk and Harris snuggled. This was pretty much it for three whole days. But we all have those days, right?

Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday


A day at home, a day involving yoga and hanging with the lads, and then we headed down the coast to John Muir Country Park for a walk as the sun was setting.

This one.

This place.


Thank goodness for weekends. We headed down the coast again for a walk at Ravensheugh Sands - see the Steller story here. Think blue skies and wispy clouds and ever-shifting light, walking along the beach with nothing but the sound of the waves. And a woodland walk too. This is a walk of contrasts, from the quiet stillness of the woods to the vast open views of the beach.


It rained and it rained. Eventually we decided that the weather would be better down the coast (positive thinking and all that!), so we got in the car and headed east. Only the weather wasn’t better down the coast. We sat in the car at North Berwick, looking out towards the Bass Rock, watching the rain fall. Waiting.


We always have a flask of tea with us, and snacks for us and the lads, so we’re prepared for sitting in the car watching the weather. And eventually the rain stopped. Or at least it paused for just long enough for us to walk along the beach. These are probably my favourite photos of the week as I was enjoying this moody light.

the end.

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