Suvereto is one of the Etruscan Coast's most beautiful villages, nestled among the coastal hills and surrounded by ancient forests of cork (the Italian name for cork trees, sughero, is the source of the town's name), chestnuts, oaks and Mediterranean scrub it is rich in artistic treasures as well. Enclosed within the old city walls hides a charming town with an imposing fortress, paved streets, historic palazzi, the Church of San Giusto and the Cloister of San Francesco.


Fresco in the old church

The Church of San Giusto an over 1000 year old roman building

Mosaic in the roman church of San Giusto

The rests of a huge palmtree


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  • coppernotes

    The church! Just to be in a building of that age and history is a humbling experience. What a place to explore!

  • kerrieturcic

    So beautiful there 💖


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