A drowned city

Kirinthos in Evvia Island, Greece, was once an important city and a busy port along the coast. There used to be a walled terrace along the hill above the sea to protect inhabitants from the danger coming from sea

Kirinthos was one of the seven cities participated in Trojan war. But nothing lasts forever. That glorious city on the cliffs was shaken by earthquake, scattered and drowned into the sea below.

Nothing left but anecdote, ruins and treasures on the seabed

Nonetheless, Kirinthos still has its mythic charms

Nowadays, it is surrounded by natural water labyrinth, formed by the conjunction between Kria Visi beach, Aegean sea, Voudoros river and wetlands in its backyard. We need to find the shortest gap between these water walls to cross, to reach the hills

The area on top of the hills is enchanting. Overlooking Aegean sea from the top of the hills is eerily beautiful. The ruins of Ancient Kirinthos is still visible, blanketed by sephia colours of wild bushes which looks as ancient as the rocks and earth where it grows.

Due to its position, Homer had named Kirinthos “efalos” meaning above the sea, whereas Skymnos had named it “enalia” meaning inside the sea.

The flatland just next to the beach has another story. Kirinthos name probably derived from the flower Kirintha, which we can find scattered along the beach

Kirintha flowers field along the eastern coast of Evvia is a rare kind of (protected) white narcissus, but local people insist that it is called Kirintha, and that's why, the ancient city called Kirinthos, a place where Kirintha grows. .

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