Summer in Vancouver

Time to Reconnect

It was summer, a family reunion was happening and it was time to visit Vancouver after too many years between visits. We had an amazing time, the sun shone and it was good for the soul to reconnect with family and friends who we haven't seen for far too long. The photos that follow are representative of our trip down memory lane. Sheryl and Mya provided a base to come and go from and after a few days with them we spent 5 nights in Kitsilano with Suzanne and Curtis who made the journey from Moab to be with us.

Breakfast with Ross and Lana at the end of 5 nights in Whiterock where we caught up with lots of family.

Virginia and Sheryl

Mike and Mary Ellen on a trip down memory lane at the house-boat docks

We spent Nov 1983 on this houseboat, there was ice floating in the Fraser River and the water in the dock was frozen solid - memories

Overlooking Coal Harbour and the North Shore Mountains at Janice's place.

The garden at the studio we rented in East Vancouver. This was a good base for connecting with K's old school friends and also perfect for spending time with Michael and Sarah.

Micheal and Sarah

We took the ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Nanimo and spent 2 days cycling up to Miracle Beach with John. Suzanne was our support driver and my nurse when a bee stung me on the lip and I looked like a Kardashian with a botched botox job. After 4 days with Steve and Pippa we did 2 x 100km days back to Sheryls to pack our bikes for our flight to Vienna to start our planned 7 week cycling journey through Austria, Slovenia and Croatia.

Where did the years go? Susanne, John and Steve

Steve and Pippa on Vancouver Island

The five weeks flew by. We cycled all over the lower mainland visiting friends and family. The weather was perfect and the warmth and love we experienced were extremely heartwarming. We won't let so much time slip by again before we return.

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