an August walk.

This walk to Ravensheugh Sands is always a favourite. It’s one of our longer walks in East Lothian, so this isn’t one we do every weekend, but when we’ve had dry weather (so the woodland paths aren’t muddy) it’s a great walk to really tire out the lads. On this Saturday at the beginning of August, it was too warm to head out during the day, so we waited until late afternoon, arriving as other people were leaving. This is a great early evening walk as the beach is so quiet.

The previous photo is one of my favourite views, through the trees that line the path to the woods, and across this field. I photograph this view every time we’re here, recording the subtle seasonal changes from midwinter, when the field is empty and the branches are bare, to summer, when the field is laden with its crop.

When you mention Ravensheugh, it’s easy to think this place is all about the beach. It’s a stunning beach, but this woodland is also beautiful. I love these moments, walking below the pines as they sway in the wind, light dancing through the branches.


This woodland also has some of my favourite trees. Do you have favourite trees? I have a few from our walks down the coast and this is one of them.

This moment, when the beach is just ahead. Harris always get there first.

At low tide, you can walk round this rocky outcrop, straight onto the longer section of the beach, but at high tide you need to head into the woods and up over the rock, passing Ravensheugh Log Cabin on the way.

The log cabin was built in 1960 by the 12th Earl of Haddington (grandfather of the present Earl) in a traditional Canadian style for his wife, who hailed from Canada. You can now hire the cabin for events - find out more here. We’ve seen several wedding receptions being held at the cabin when walking along the beach below, and it always strikes me as a amazing spot for a celebration, looking out to sea, with the Bass Rock in the distance.

And then, after walking along the beach, it’s time to head back through the woods. This is a walk that can catch us out in winter as we want to enjoy the last light on the beach, and we end up returning through the woods in the dark. But on this August evening, we enjoyed the sunshine and the vibrant green leaves above - knowing that on our next walk here, these trees will likely be wearing their autumn hues.

This green.


the end.

Saturday 3 August

Ravensheugh Sands, by Tyninghame East Lothian

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