Collection of 100 machine made engineered woodfloor planks

Introduction to the Venture Collection

Arena 20/6x180xRL smoked brown, smooth, deep bevels on the sides, no bevels on the heads, Character grade, UV oil finished

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All Venture planks come in the most stable floorboard construction you can get: a 6 or 4 mm solid wood lamella bonded waterrestentant upon a Birch ply support

All boards come at least 180 mm wide. The most popular come even more wide up to 220 or 260 mm Venture collection is split up in 4 gradings: Prime Select Character Rustic Character and Rustic grade becoming the most popular grade

Smoking Oak is done through exposing the wood to fumes from a solution of ammonium hydroxide. Its fumes react with the tannins in Oak resulting in a color change.

Depending on the temperature and the length of the treatment, the color of the Oak will vary from light grey to dark brown/black. Oak sapwood and any other woodspiecies contain little or no tannic acid. Therefore it makes little sense smoking them.

Apart from various widths, the most popular Venture planks also come in herringbones and chevrons READ MORE Design by Havwoods

Prime grade



Some are fully carbonised (deep smoked) while others are just stained on top


Hugo, deep smoked Oak

Quadro, deep smoked Oak

Installation on Underfloor Heating PDF Installation Floating PDF Installation Nail Down PDF Installation Glue Down PDF

Though Venture planks can be installed floating, the best way to install is glued down

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