Introduction to Henley


Collection of 50 handfinished engineered woodfloors

Both Havwoods’ Venture and Henley Collections offer floorboards in the most stable construction you can get: a 6 or 4 mm solid wood lamella bonded on top of a waterresistent Birch ply READ MORE While Venture planks are machine finished, Henley planks are finished by hand.

Havwoods restricts the Henley collection to 50 floors, all adviced by leading designers - architects. Jutland, Hartland, Portland and Fresco are timeless classics. Some are part of the collection for a few seasons only.

Venture Collection, machine finished SEE VENTURE COLLECTION

Henley Collection, handfinished SEE HENLEY COLLECTION

Pureplank Matisse, Venture Arena and Henley Hartland Similar appearance but a world of difference.

Venture Plank Arena

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When finished by hand, each floorboard comes in an even more unique way. There are thousands of ways to finish planks, especially Oak. READ MORE

COLORS stained, tone in tone stained, reactive stained, light or triple or deep or fully smoked, bleached, burnt,... TEXTURES brushed, wire brushed, scratched, fine or deep sawn or slashed. unplaned or planed, matured, weathered, aged, distressed, worn, handscraped, wormholes, cracks,... BEVELS all around or on the sides only, V shaped or U shaped, no bevels micro mini normal or deep bevels, cobbled bevels, handrolled bevels, reclaimed bevels, distressed bevels, bevels/floorboards with height differences,... FINISHINGS natural oil, UV oil, hardwax oil pigmented oil, UV lacquer, matt or satin or high gloss or ultra matt, fire retardant,...

JUTLAND Distressed bevels (on the sides only) & distressed surface

Jutland G Builders, Seoul

When surface and bevels are distressed, a minor accident during installation or use is less visible. In a way an eventual damage becomes a feature, part of a floors identity

Hand rolled bevels

100 different bevels READ MORE

“At dawn, texture and bevels are more prominent features than the floorboard color” Murat Tabanlioglu


Reactive staining




Portland Naturally brown smoked toplayer, distressed both surface and bevels and finished with a natural oil

Distressed bevels and distressed bevels

20/6mm or 13/4mm

All kind of sawing lines: fine, deep, random spread, all over, straight or in an angle

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