Crossing European Borders

Border, for people who lives comfortably in one of EU countries, is like an anecdote from the past, told by grandmothers to their grandchildren. Nowadays, borders between EU countries are nothing but abandoned and rusty buildings occupied by spiders, ghosts, dust of the past, or anything in between. Then, we decided to roadtrip for Greece, we thought, why not?

We did it several days, stopping in between to rest for the night.

Belgium - Germany crossing is our usual itinerary.

Crossing Germany - Austria is as easy as going to our neighbor next door... except, we have to pay for the sticker toll.

Crossing Austria - Hungary is not difficult, but the transition between western and eastern is obvious. Though there is no more border control, Hungarian border still keeps its past in the present. The (almost) empty space, where once there was a physical border, still keeps a feeling of nostalgia left in its place and its people.

Travel across EU from Hungary to Serbia is another experience. Imagine people make lines for bagage and visa control for international flight in the airport? It is the same kind, with cars control included, on both side of borders. It takes time but worth the effort. Just don't forget your visa. And coins for the highway tax.

Serbia is a nice country to cross. Except for some under-construction roads, the landscape is beautiful.

Crossing Serbia - Bulgaria was not as smooth as we expected. Several kilometers between the two borders we needed to slow down because the highway was still under-construction. We had to take a very old stone-road which was used from and to both sides of Serbia - Bulgaria. And it is summer holiday. So we were stucked for a couple of hours to cross. And after finished with all formality, everyone had to stop to buy electronic vignette for their car.

The next day, we took small roads and take our time to enjoy Bulgarian's countryside.

There are certainly more to see in Bulgaria

We would love to stay longer but we had to cross one last border.

and when we saw that sign, we know, our summer holiday is starting.

We've seen much more and experienced even more along our itinerary, and we love roadtrip for that. Do you have stories along your travel? don't hesitate to share. #stellerstory #stellerverse #roadtrip #places #travelersnotebook #summer2019

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