tuesday 27 | a short story

It was a beautiful day yesterday, warm and sunny, so we planned to head down the coast in the evening. The evenings are drawing in - I don’t like to write this, but it’s true - so we want to make the most of these walks while we can. Only by yesterday evening it was raining, with a blanket of grey cloud, low and heavy. We drove down the coast anyway, planning a walk at John Muir Country Park. The further we drove down the A1, the worse it looked. The BBC weather app suggested thunder. But we could see the cloud breaking behind us, out towards the Forth, so we drove to North Berwick instead.

And sure enough, the sky had cleared over the water, with delicate pink-tinged clouds. So here are a few photos from our walk. It wasn’t a long walk as the light was fading quickly, blue tones falling over the beach. It felt like an end of summer walk, a promise of the darker evenings and the lower light ahead. But it was still so beautiful.

Only the sound of the birds and our footsteps in the damp sand.

this blue.

the end.

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