Pindus Mountains in Zagori, Greece

Vikos-Aoos National Park Zagori region Greece Summer 2019

I've just realized, beekeeping is very popular activity in countryside around Greece, be it in island or mainland.

Wherever we made a walk in the forest or in the mountain, we found beekeeper boxes gathered and scattered in different parts of the landscape.

It depends which flower they targeted to, the beekeeper will gather his boxes around that flower or plants.

Unlike many part of Europe, bee colony collapse disorder is not yet a problem in Greece, and people are trying to keep it that way by avoiding commercial farming. Beekeepers are also taking advantage of Greece's vast wild ecosystem.

I've read, there are more than 20.000 registered beekeepers in Greece.

but strangely, only 7% make a business out of it.

"Because most of beekeepers consume their own honey and only sale it occasionally in local shop,"

Our host in Greece

Honey production exchange between beekeepers is a common tradition. And most of locals buy their honey from their local beekeeper. Apparently, the Greeks are the top most consumers of honey in the world. .

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