If you saw my story on Pittenweem (if not, you can find it here), you’ll know that we headed to the East Neuk during our holiday a few weeks back. After our walk at Pittenweem and a bite to eat in The Cocoa Tree Café, we drove along the coast to Elie. It was later in the afternoon by this point, but still really bright and warm - too warm to be out wandering with the wee hounds, so we headed straight to the beach where they could cool down.

Whenever we visit Elie, we tend to take the coastal walk heading towards St Monans, out past Elie Ness Lighthouse, so this walk felt different for us. Also, from the beach, you can appreciate the contrasting architecture of the houses along The Terrace and South Street.

This glazed extension caught my eye.

We usually visit Elie out of the summer season. You’ll find us here in spring or autumn, when it’s quieter, or battling along that coastal path on a freezing winter’s day with only a few other people around, so this trip had a very different buzz with people out on the water or just enjoying the sunshine.

Well hello.

By this stage it was early evening - and it was such a beautiful evening, we weren’t quite ready to head home. So we drove along to the Earlsferry to have a walk at the other end of Elie beach. There are so many lovely houses here - I could have wandered around taking endless photos!

This view.

Until next time then Elie...

Elie, the East Neuk, Fife


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  • coppernotes

    Hey @thelionheaded 👋🏻 thanks for the share! Hope you guys have a lovely weekend ☺️✨😘

  • thelionheaded

    @coppernotes thank you - happy weekend to you too 🙏😘

  • finknottle

    Those houses!!!! This is the look of British, ahem, scotch houses 😉. Those windows and chimneys!!!! And Elie looks like a really old fashioned place, does it? The picture with the lighthouse in the middle is absolut spectacular! This wide, wide sky! What a peaceful looking place!!! I hope, it's not so overcrowded like most of the places today!

  • coppernotes

    Beautiful right? @finknottle And yes, these are very Scottish houses. Each of the East Neuk villages and towns has its own character. Elie has some incredible houses - and quite diverse, both historic and some contemporary ones that aren’t as obvious. Even thought it’s a busy town now during the summer months with people on holiday (Elie has a lot of second homes/holiday homes) it’s still never crowded as such. There will be busy summer days, but not enough to feel overcrowded.


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