The Netherlands

The other day, I ventured over to #Utrecht, a city in the middle of the Netherlands and it is only a 38 minutes journey from my home in #Rotterdam. I have passed through the city several times before, by car or on my bike, but never have I really stopped to take a look around. Now was the chance for me to take look and Visit Utrecht.

The city reminded me a little of #Amsterdam with an interesting network of city #canals, quaint cafes and cobbled streets.

Bikes are found all around, with #cyclists taking to the streets to carry out there regular daily journey. The city is also home to the largest #cycle park in the world. There is room for a huge number of bikes and is well worth a good look, or even park your own #bike. Bicycle Parking at its best!

The Central Station has undergone a significant redevelopment of late, leaving a pretty amazing space. It is modern, light and very impressive on the eye. Eye-catching it is!

Adjacent to the Station, is a large and modern Shopping Center. Now, I am not particularly 'a shopper', but again it is an impressive urban space and designed beautifully.

Thanks for viewing my Thoughts and Stories about Utrecht. I found it to be a nice city a good mix of old and new. It is well worth a visit, if you are passing. You can find out more about me here, on my website www.garethmate.com

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  • havwoods

    Some of your compatriots told me that Utrecht is pretty rough. Thks for making me change my mind. BTW check the plastic fish https://steller.co/s/8D4JZLxt6C5

  • garethmate

    @havwoods I am sure that parts of Utrecht are, but isn't that the case for every city?

  • havwoods

    Not in Dubai, mate. Here it is just but the temperature. You can leave yr wallet and phone on the vensterbank

  • havwoods

    i am confident Utrecht is the better place to hang around or to buy a house

  • simone_wit

    I’vr lived in Utrecht. My favorite city! Thanks for bringing back my memories!

  • garethmate

    @simone_wit no problem! It is a nice city. Most impressed with it!


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