a southeast Montana roadtrip.

Southeast Montana

When @visitmontana invited me to come search out my own #montanamoment adventure, I asked to focus on Billings, MT, and the Beartooth Mountains after a week chasing light, exploring endless gravel roads and hiking into the mountains, I left blown away with what I'd discovered in this underrated corner of the state.

Billings, Mt

Montana's largest city served as my jumping off point, so I dedicated a single day to explore. In my limited time, though, I discovered a pretty wicked collection of microbreweries (UberBrew and Thirsty Street) and coffee shops (MoAv). I also caught some incredible light.

Bighorn Canyon

This stunning canyon will, without question, go down as Montana's best wilderness surprise. It felt like the American Southwest, with a rugged desert landscape teeming with wild horses and 1000 ft canyon walls.

Beartooth Highway

This is why I'd chosen to return to Montana and I wouldn't be disappointed. The Beartooths proved incredible. Their accessed via the Beartooth Highway, which travels between Red Lodge and Silver Gate, over a nearly 11 000' mmountain pass.

Line Creek Plateau

Riding the Line Creek Plateau trail was the highlight of my trip. This trail is epic: 25.4 km with 431 m climbing and 1626 m descending. I thought it would be a speed lap, but the hike'a'bike climbs and calf deep river crossings made it a true adventure ride.

Rosebud Lakes

It's more than a 1 hour drive or 10-mile hike between East and West Rosebud Lakes, but the entire area is worth exploring. This is the Beartooth Mountains at their best, absent of motorcycles darting across the paved pass and without the manicured roadside pullouts.

Montana Moments

While my trip to Montana was personally rewarding, it wasn't a vacation. For this experience, I teamed up @VisitMontana to participate in their #montanamoment project. After another week in this stunning state, I can state what I already knew: Montana belongs on your bucket list.

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