Hiking on the North Shore of Kauai


Tennis shoes / Chaco Water Camera

You will see locals doing this hike barefoot, there are sections that are steep, but no real need for hiking shoes. I bring one small bottle of water. I like this hike to be light and fast.

There is a SMALL road to the East of the Taro patches right next to the bridge on the Hanalei side. You’ll go down this road .5 mile. Parking on left, trail on right.


One of the best things about the Okolehau hike is that you can do it anytime of day. The trees offer shade for almost the entire hike. If you’re moving at a leisurely pace and taking photographs it can take about two hours. If you’re wanting a good burst of cardio it can be done in an hour round trip.

This bridge marks the entrance to the trail. There’s a small irrigation ditch right here. The parking is directly across the way.

It feels like a fairy trail.

Hiking in Kauai can be trickier than in other parts of the world. It’s always kinda rooty, which makes for slow moving.

Keeps it nice and cool all day long.

First overlook. I’m out of breath. The first half of this trail is steep. Makes my heart pound.

Don’t forget to look up.

This hike is so easy to access, the wildlife the flora and fauna is just amazing. It’s such a wonderful escape. Close to everything, and does a great job taking all your troubles away.

And listen

Please rotate your screen 45 degrees clockwise. 🔃👍🏼😊 Yep landscape.

Did you see the dragonfly ? So if you are staying in Hanalei, or Princeville this is a fantastic hike. It’s probably less than 10 minutes from where you are. I really like it in the heat of the day in the summer because it gets you off the beach and in the shade. It’s not a day hike by any means, it really can take less than two hours no problem. The Overlook is beautiful and if you want to pack lunch or snacks it’s a great place to hang out. The overlook is usually in full sun with no shade so it can be a really hot place to sit. An incredible place for sunset, but you have to be quick getting down it gets really dark in the trees.


If you’re ready for a longer more adventurous hike check this out. The Napali Coast hike is at the end of the road in Haena. It’s truly a bucket list worthy hike. Pssss - that’s a link to another Steller Story, just click it ! 😉

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