a Sunday walk

18 August

We headed down the coast late on in the day for a beach walk at Yellowcraig. The evening light was incredible, with the bluest of skies scattered with delicate clouds. It was really windy, but that only added to the wild beauty of the scene, especially walking back along the beach, towards the sunset, with the sand whipping off the dunes.

Okay, shaky handheld video alert as I was walking on soft sand (Iโ€™m needing a gimbal so if you have recommendations, please drop me a comment!) but this is one of my favourite moments at Yellowcraig, as you cross the grassland and then walk down through the dunes, and you get that first view of the sea and the beach stretching ahead...

this blue.

this cloud.

when youโ€™re so happy, you fly.

these moments = joy.

this light on the sand.

Sand and cloud and wind and sunshine, and moments to store for the week ahead...

thanks for reading!

Yellowcraig, East Lothian Sunday 18 August


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